Monday, August 23, 2010

Green Bee Eater

It was a sad sunday evening. I was in no mood to do any thing and just stepped out of home. These wonderful ones were just sitting infront of my house on an electric wire and were inviting me to shoot!
Sum was already behind me to shoot these little ones, which are found so often near our house, but are very active. This time I took out the camera and headed on to terrace to capture them. To my suprise, they held on and I was able to capture some wondeful moments.
These birds are usally spotted in pairs or three as well. During this shoot out I had a wonderful chance to capture all the three together and naming them as "3 muskteeers". But, thanks to my camera, that image is only in my memories now :-). While capturing these, one of them simply dived off to grab an insect/bee. It was a wonderful scene that I had witnessed.

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  1. Cuties! Feels amazing watching them strike the bees to get rid of the stings before eating them and funny when they do the same for dragonflies.


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