Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cattle Egret

After taking a long sabbatical from blogging, I am being forced to write this @ gun point. After sending couple of invites to write on this blog about birds, Sum finally said “enough is enough”, and I am penning this down after she threatened me with dire consequences.
Actually I am a novice in this field; I just enjoy shooting the lovely ones! But when it comes to penning down this, you need to be sure of what you are writing! isn’t it?

Without even the knowing bird’s name, the Google search started with “white bird with brown head” :-) which finally lead us to couple of sites on birds around Bangalore. Finally we figured out this must be from “Egret” family and this bird is “Cattle Egret”. Expert/s can correct us.

This bird is most often found around our house, it is typically with cattle or buffaloes. This one was shot near sun flower fields on my way to native town. Couple of them were near the fields, although they flew as soon as I took out my camera, but a few minutes of wait gave the desired results. They came back for a photo shoot out.


  1. hey deepak, glad to see your post man and that too on birds. Now few bits of info on this one. Yes you guys got it right. These birds are usually completely white with yellow beak, come May and monsoon they show off what we call breeding plumage, that's when you see shades of orange, red and yellow and they look beautiful. Yes since they stick with cattle, they are called cattle egret. They smartly pick up the insects disturbed by the grazing cattle.

  2. [bubulcus ibis ..50 cm]sexes alike. a snow-white egret seen around cattle, garbage heapa.breeding;buffy- orange plums on head, neck and back. food insects,frogs,lizards. voice mostly silent sometime croaking sounds when breeding. habitat:marshes,lakes,forest clearings. a former friendly bird.


Any more interesting stuff on these birds? Any corrections in Ids? Please do drop in your valuable inputs...