Monday, August 23, 2010

Green Bee Eater

It was a sad sunday evening. I was in no mood to do any thing and just stepped out of home. These wonderful ones were just sitting infront of my house on an electric wire and were inviting me to shoot!
Sum was already behind me to shoot these little ones, which are found so often near our house, but are very active. This time I took out the camera and headed on to terrace to capture them. To my suprise, they held on and I was able to capture some wondeful moments.
These birds are usally spotted in pairs or three as well. During this shoot out I had a wonderful chance to capture all the three together and naming them as "3 muskteeers". But, thanks to my camera, that image is only in my memories now :-). While capturing these, one of them simply dived off to grab an insect/bee. It was a wonderful scene that I had witnessed.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Indian Robins

Indian Robins, i must say are the first avions that invoked serious interest in bird watching in me. They made a nest on our terrace last year and hatched 3 little babies, the development of which we followed regularly, being careful not to disturb them. They did come back to the same nest, revamping a bit, this year too!
And then the female spends the rainiy nights on our window grill. I wonder how well it predicts that it's gonna rain in the night. And once it even entered our room and struggled out, but still I'm glad she continues to spend rainiy nights at the same window.

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I just love them for their friendly nature and tolerance towards us even in close proximity!
Waiting for them to come back to the nest again next year...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cattle Egret

After taking a long sabbatical from blogging, I am being forced to write this @ gun point. After sending couple of invites to write on this blog about birds, Sum finally said “enough is enough”, and I am penning this down after she threatened me with dire consequences.
Actually I am a novice in this field; I just enjoy shooting the lovely ones! But when it comes to penning down this, you need to be sure of what you are writing! isn’t it?

Without even the knowing bird’s name, the Google search started with “white bird with brown head” :-) which finally lead us to couple of sites on birds around Bangalore. Finally we figured out this must be from “Egret” family and this bird is “Cattle Egret”. Expert/s can correct us.

This bird is most often found around our house, it is typically with cattle or buffaloes. This one was shot near sun flower fields on my way to native town. Couple of them were near the fields, although they flew as soon as I took out my camera, but a few minutes of wait gave the desired results. They came back for a photo shoot out.

Monday, August 9, 2010

White throated Kingfisher

These kingfishers often visit our neighborhood, mostly alone and sit on the electric wire for a couple of minutes, turning this side and that and fly showing off its beautiful blue hue.
Later on a birding visit around the neighborhood, we discovered that the birdie had made home around a small pond a furlong from home. The water body, though very small was the reason for the frequent shows of the kingfishers around home.
Recently spotted this again, but this time on the ground in the vacant plot next to home. As I had read in K.P.Poornachandra Tejaswi's MinchuLLI, the kingfisher, though it was sitting on the ground, probably hunting some small reptile, did not seem to be able to walk on the ground. Once its job was done, it just flew off to a low wall right there, and sat there for quite a while. It infact scared away a little squirrel too!
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