Monday, August 9, 2010

White throated Kingfisher

These kingfishers often visit our neighborhood, mostly alone and sit on the electric wire for a couple of minutes, turning this side and that and fly showing off its beautiful blue hue.
Later on a birding visit around the neighborhood, we discovered that the birdie had made home around a small pond a furlong from home. The water body, though very small was the reason for the frequent shows of the kingfishers around home.
Recently spotted this again, but this time on the ground in the vacant plot next to home. As I had read in K.P.Poornachandra Tejaswi's MinchuLLI, the kingfisher, though it was sitting on the ground, probably hunting some small reptile, did not seem to be able to walk on the ground. Once its job was done, it just flew off to a low wall right there, and sat there for quite a while. It infact scared away a little squirrel too!
(March - July 2010, Around Home)


  1. hey this is awesome! Keep it going. I wish I can maintain one like this! But whoz gifting me a camera :P Anyways yes the white throated kingfisher is a most commonly found one and exception one since it eats insects and frogs as well and well adjusted to urban life. Keep an ear to it's long call.


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  3. there are six types of king fishers namely common k.f.,orientaldwarf k.f,stork-billed k.f,white-throated k.f,black capped k.f and pied k.f. white throated king fisher[halcyon smyrnensis...28cm]chestnut brown head,neck and under-body below brest;bright blue above.offten with greenish,smaal rodents,frogs,lizards, occasionally fish!!!voice:noisy,loud,crackling.habitat:lakes,river sides,coastal mangroves, and forests etc..try to find all six type if possible. o.k. bye


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