Saturday, October 23, 2010

Valley School: Kanakapura Road

This was our first birding trip as amateurs. Thanks to Chandu and Deepa who really made us to have wonderful introduction into the colorful world of bird species. Having spotted many, could only capture few of them in Camera though. The lesson learnt for the day was "patience".

The photo that's my favourite is of the sun bird and its nest. When we walked across its nest on our journey forward, I attempted to capture this, but none of the photos were good though. But when we were walking back, I just moved a bit closer and waited for a while to observe the bird. It was making very frequent trips to nest and finally my patience was paid with some wonderful snaps. Have a look.

Ashy Prinia - Tailess: Haven't seen many tailless ones though, may be our birders can through more light


Sunbird with Nector

Sunbird Nest

Sunbird Nest


  1. ah finally the valley school pics are out! I forgot to post the question on bngbirds about the tailless prinia

  2. Thanks @Balu, @Chandu.

    @ chandu do let us know if you get some info about this tailless feature.

  3. That WAS a very enjoyable outing! Let's do more in future!


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