Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birding Around Malavalli and JLR Doddamakali

An account of birding around Malavalli, Shimsha and Doddamakali in June. Comments are welcome.
Before we even headed for forests, at a temple on the outskirts of Malavalli  this Indian Grey Hornbill was  the starter.
White Naped Woodpecker , very shy bird. Sum was lucky to observe this and capture from a very close range 
Black Eagle, a lifer for us; en route Shimsha we were able to spot a couple of them from close quarters 
White Bellied Drongo with its prey
White Bellied Drongo
Acrobatics of this Purple rumped Sun bird was a pleasure to watch
Black headed Munia
Tickells Blue Flycatcher
Wire Tailed swallow on a wire :-)
Three out of  seven sisters - Jungle Babbler
Asian Koel - Male
Scaly Breasted Munia
Tickells Blue FlyCatcher 
As we ventured out during the night, lucky to spot some nocturnal birds.
Indian Night Jar  
Night jars were a lifer for us; Squatting on the ground, these nocturnal birds were almost still till. They seemed to be blinded by light and would fly off after some time when we ventured closer. 
Stone Curlew
Thank you Balu-ji for the pics.
And finally these raptors, not sure of the IDs of these two and these were the best pics available.
This was sharing the space with Black eagle, both fought for a while and  this one disappeared behind the mountains OHB. (Thanks Santosh , Deepa)

Shot a bit earlier during the day- Juvenile Brahminy Kite (Thanks Satosh, Deepa)
 Deepak and Sumana.


  1. Good one and sure you had a blast!
    those two look like OHB and black kite (or brahminy kite juvenile) respectively to me...

  2. Wow, Nightjar and Curlew and Black Eagle! I'd go with Santosh's ids on the raptors, too. Congrats to Sumana, that capture of the woodpecker is lovely!

  3. Thank you Santosh and Deepa. We are not yet there in ID'g these birds::-)

  4. WOW! Wonderful shots! Just brilliant!

  5. Nice blog Deepak.

    BTW, the raptor identified as OHB is an Aquila eagle (Tawny or Steppe I think). An OHB would have shorter and much broader wings.

  6. THank you Sanaha.

    THanks Shreeram for the comments and correction.

    Now I am a confused soul :-)

    The pigeon like head made me think OHB.

    Will have to go back to photos now and update.

  7. Hey Deepak,

    Checking your blog after a loooooong time. Nice captures!
    Though I am an illiterate in ornithology, would like to suggest you to come to GKVK campus near my home in Sahakaranagar. It has many nice birds. Last week, I spotted a big blue kingfisher [I suppose]. Well, there might not be rare ones out there in the campus, but you might spot many nice varieties.

  8. Thank you Anantha and Sandeep ji.

    @Anantha: We will barge in to your house on a weekend ; hope you don't mind being our host ;-)



Any more interesting stuff on these birds? Any corrections in Ids? Please do drop in your valuable inputs...