Friday, December 3, 2010

Birding around Dechu : Rajasthan

Having spent a good time at Khuri, it was time for another outing with birds this time around the Manvar resort where we stayed. Religiously we spent our early mornings and evenings in birding. After knowing our interest in birding, our driver ChandaRam, enthusiastically stopped the jeep whereever he spotted one, and explained us with lot of local details about the bird. I wish we could have followed the way it was taught to us in NTP, nI just have go back to photos to id the birds. A good lesson learnt, better late than never!

Black Shouldered Kite

Common Raven, locals believe that, if this bird enters a house during Deepavali, it is considered as good omen and its believed that the house will be blessed with lot of fortune :-)
Little Brown Dove

Indian Peafowl: These are so common, across the country side in Rajasthan, you are guaranteed to spot a few every time you venture out!

Indian Roller

Rose Ringed Parakeet (Male &Female)

Red collared dove
Variable Wheatear

Id needed for the following! the first two should be some female Wheatear, but we weren't able to ID them yet.
Common Babbler.

Rosy Pastor or Starling.


  1. Enjoyed the post, Deepu! I think the bird-with-its-prey is a Plain Prinia, and the last one is a Rosy Pastor, However, I am not sure about the second bird. -Deepa.

  2. The first and second pics are of a common babbler and the third is of rosy pastor or starling as Deepa has said.

  3. Thanks Deepa,
    Thanks Uma.
    I will go with common babbler. first one is against the light and was very difficult id.


Any more interesting stuff on these birds? Any corrections in Ids? Please do drop in your valuable inputs...