Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ranganathittu - 16042011

We were on our way to Bandipur and it was a suprise call from Balu that made us to visit Ranganathittu. With nesting season around and we were lucky to spot these..

A loud shrill call made us to look up and a crested serpent eagle was sitting up there. The boat man told us there was a nest around and he took us nearby. There was another one sitting in the nest, probably there were chiks inside. We kept watching that for a few minutes expecting some chicks, but it didn't move a bit.

Further down, these Streak Throated Swallows had made their nest, and were moving around in unison. Further reading pointed that, these swallows build colonial nests like a honeycomb with mud.

This pond heron in breeding plummage was sitting pretty...

So was this Spot Billed Pelican family...

and there was this Black Crowned Night Heron..

Got to know, why a Spoon Bill is named as Spoon bill :-)

Painted Storks were in plenty and doing acrobatics

and this Open billed Stork, Posed for a good shot with its open bill clearly visible.


  1. Nice photos and writeup..
    border of 1st 2 photos looked little bulky

  2. beautiful array of swallow nests!


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